Case Studies

Discover how others are using AI

Case Studies

Welcome to the Case Studies Sections. Case studies are a great way to discover ways other’s are using AI and gleam insight from their success.

Below is a list of our Case Studies, each within its own category. Naturally, this is a lot of content and we will be drip releasing it over the next few months. After a Case Study is released, there will be a link to it from this page.

Case Studies

AI Integration and Strategy

  • How Enterprises use AI

    • Examining the strategies large corporations use to integrate AI into their operations.

  • AI readiness report

    • Description: Analyzing the preparedness of businesses for AI integration and the steps they are taking.

  • AI for business processes and product

    • Description: Discussion on how AI is being used to enhance business processes and product development.

  • Single Founder AI Companies

    • Insights into how a single developer can build a successful AI-focused company.

  • How to build an AI-powered company

    • Strategies and insights on establishing a company centered around AI technologies.

AI Industry

  • How PMs build with AI

    • Outlines how project managers incorporate AI tools into project management.

  • Building a Billion Dollar AI Startup

    • Look at the Top 100 AI Startups

Customer Support & Engagement

  • How do companies use AI in customer onboarding?

    • Examination of how AI tools are improving the customer onboarding process.

Workforce and Culture

  • Custom GPTs for work

    • Exploring the use of customized GPT models in various workplace applications.

  • How to get your team to use AI

    • Practical advice on encouraging team adoption and efficient use of AI technologies.

    How non-technical people are using AI to code

    • Discusses tools and platforms that enable non-technical individuals to use AI for coding.


  • How Sandwich Video uses AI in its business

    • Showcases how Sandwich Video integrates AI into video production and marketing.


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